YOLO Experience – Yagnya

In our third and final instalment of our YOLO trips, we have Yagnya, or more affectionally known as Iggy, here to share her craziness with us. Ever climbed a mountain? Without training? Nor a walking stick? And worse, no proper climbing shoes? She did! Read on to find out how she fared... So, what was… Continue reading YOLO Experience – Yagnya

Who’s that JET? #5 Chris McMorran

Hello there! Each month, we will be speaking with a JET alumnus to know more about their JET experience and life post-JET. If you are interested to be interviewed, or if you would like to nominate someone, please let us know by dropping us a comment here, on our Facebook, or email us at publicrelationsjetaasingapore@gmail.com. Next up, we… Continue reading Who’s that JET? #5 Chris McMorran

Winners of the 2016 JETAA Singapore Photo Contest

Congratulations! These are the winners of the 2016 JETAA Singapore Photo Contest. Category: 「給食」:Kyushoku, school lunches Name: Felicia Lee Foong Lin Placement: 2006 - 2008, Oirase-cho, Aomori Category:「教室」 Kyoushitsu, classrooms Name: Heng Kai Le Placement: Kumamoto City 2011-2013 Category:「国際交流」Kokusaikoryū, international relations Name: Wong Shi Lei Placement:  2012-2014, Shizuoka Category:「祭り」Matsuri, Japanese festivals Name: Anna Wong Placement: 2010… Continue reading Winners of the 2016 JETAA Singapore Photo Contest

Participate in the 2016 JETAA Singapore Photo Contest!

In conjunction with the JET Programme 30th Anniversary Photo Contest, we are calling all photo-loving JETAA SG members to participate in the 2016 JETAA Singapore Photo Contest. Winning submissions will be printed and distributed in JETAA SG's events as postcards. RULES 1. The photo theme should be either of the following: 「給食」:Kyushoku, school lunches 「教室」:… Continue reading Participate in the 2016 JETAA Singapore Photo Contest!