Message of Hope 希望のメッセージ

Calling all teachers and anyone who has access to groups of children!

photo of four girls wearing school uniform doing hand signs
Photo by 周 康 on

Put a smile on a Japanese student’s face.

Send a message of hope希望のメッセージを送ろう!

(For more information, take a look at Kibou_no_Noto)

JETAA Singapore seeks your assistance to boost the morale of Japanese children stricken by the recent disaster.

We wish to send handmade cards with short encouraging messages to the affected schools when the postal services are functioning again.

We hope that your class/group can make 1 card for a class of Japanese students (who may be from the Elementary, Junior High or Senior High Schools). We have prepared a powerpoint presentation that you can use to facilitate this activity. Do feel free to request for it.

Some possibilities:

  1. Encouraging messages on a decorated piece of construction paper (with perhaps a class/group photo, if possible)
  2. A thin booklet of drawings and simple messages
  3. Origami with short messages on them, etc…

Please ensure that the cards are not more than A4 in size, to facilitate easy delivery.

We hope that your students will use their creativity and sincerity to spread some joy. We’ll be collecting your special messages between late April and early May.

For more details, please drop an email to Jillian at with the subject “Message of Hope”.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity!


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