We’re featured in JET Streams 2011!

The New Kid On The Block ~ JETAA Singapore

The year 2009 is special as it marks the 10th anniversary of Singapore’s participation in the JET Programme. For former Singapore JET participants, it is double celebrations as 2009 also marks the official formation of JETAA Singapore Chapter on 26th May.

Today, JETAA Singapore is a one and a half year old toddler, still learning the ropes of growing up. The sharing in this article is about the learning journey of the setting up and running of JETAA Singapore and the insights gained during the 1.5-year process. It is written with the hope that the sharing can make the learning curve less steep for future JETAA Chapters and at the same time promote the sharing of ideas between JETAA Chapters at the international level.

Being a very new JETAA chapter, creating an active membership base is our main concern. As such, our vision for the formative years is: Visibility, Participation, Excitement.

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