New Board & Upcoming Events!

It’s been quite a long hiatus since the General Elections and the new board settling into the pace of things!

Introducing… JETAA Singapore Board Members 2011-2012!

Vice President (Acting President)
Jamie Kong (2007-2008, Sapporo City)

Grace Tan (2006-2008, Hyogo-ken Miki-shi)

Koh Yun (2002-2004, Kagawa-ken, Takamatsu-shi)

Social Projects Officer
Chen Jianwen (2007-2009, Kyoto)

Public Relations Officer
Mah Yen Ling (Aomori-ken, Hachinohe-shi)

Douzo yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

We’ve been keeping ourselves busy and we thank you for your patience. Now, we present an exciting lineup of activities for you in July and August, the months when new JETs embark on the exciting journey we have all been through.

As we recall with nostalgia the anxiety and apprehension when we were packing our bags to set off to Nipponland, it’s the perfect time to share all our experiences with these newbies at none other than JETAA’s events!

* 24 July (Sun)     We’re 2! Anniversary Celebration
cum Informal Q&A session for new JETs @ Crazy World Cafe 2.15~5pm
Come join us as part of the JETAA family to commemorate this milestone and share your experiences in JET with the new JETs before they depart for Japan!
* 28 July (Thu)     Farewell Reception 
for 2011 JETs @ Japanese Association of Singapore, 7~9 pm
JETAA members who would like to attend, please contact Yen Ling at to register your interest! It’s a great opportunity to mingle, share experiences and yes, we all know the food is good! ;p

* 20 Aug (Sat)     Summer Festival
JETAA SG Booth @ Changi Japanese School, 3 p.m. onwards
Helpers needed! Contact any board members for details.

We certainly would love to see you at these events!
Catch up, know more people, network, have a great time!

Till then, stay genki and have fun wherever you are! 🙂


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