Quite a number of exciting events have come and gone and here’s what JETAA members have been up to these past 2 months! July saw us bidding farewell to the new 2011 JETs, with a 送別会(Farewell Party) at the Japanese Association of Singapore. Held on 28 July (Thursday), from 7-9pm, this farewell dinner, which was organised by the Embassy of Japan saw new JETs, ex-JETS and members of the local Japanese community mingling freely and simply having a good time.

Here’s to a great adventure ahead of you guys! We hope that you’re having the time of your lives, in whichever parts of Japan you may be!

Right on the heels of the Farewell Dinner was yet another round of saying goodbyes—this time, to our dear Kusaka Yuko san of the EOJ. For the past 2 years, Kusaka san has been an unwavering pillar of dedication and support, rendering assistance and enthusiastically participating in JETAA activities.

In all too short a time, 2 years flew by and it was time to bid her a fond adieu. Kusaka san’s now in Tokyo, where she works at theUpper House of Parliament.

Whilst sad to see Kusaka san go, we’re also very glad to have her successor, Ebine Shoko san, join our JETAA family. A warm よこそう!We look forward to  a great friendship ahead of us. よろしくお願いします!

Grace (left), Kusaka san (centre) and Felicia (right)

More updates just round the corner, so stay tuned! ( ^  ^)


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