Natsu Matsuri 2011

The annual Natsu Matsuri (Summer Fest) 2011 was held at the Singapore Japanese School (Changi campus) on 20th August. As per the previous two years, JETAA took charge of a booth to introduce local games. This time, the highlight of our game stall was “Tikam”, where locals and Japanese alike had fun reliving the old days.

Take a peek at what went on!

Don’t worry if you missed this one – just keep a look out for Natsu Matsuri next year!


2 thoughts on “Natsu Matsuri 2011

  1. Hi

    i am looking for an expert who knows how to wear the kimono / yukata together with the Obi for a photo shoot urgently. I am willing to pay up to $1K for 10hrs photoshoot on the 4th of November, this coming FRIDAY, from 10am – 8pm. Please advise where can i find this person.

    Thanks alot!

    Abigail | Producer
    +6225 1005

    1. Hi Abigail! I’ll pass the word on to our members via our mailing list and get them to contact you if they should know of anyone who fits your description. You could also check out the JAS (Japanese Association of Singapore)–you might be able to get some help there! All the best! 🙂 Jillian

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