Presenting…Nominees of New JETAASG Board (2012-2013)

Dear JETAASG members,

JETAA SG Election Day is just 2 weeks away!

Before you cast your vote for the nominees of the new                               2012-2012                 JETAA SG Board,(on 3 March 2012 for attendees of AGM, between 22-26 Feb 2012 for absentee voters), you might be wondering “Do I know enough about the nominees to help me cast an informed vote?”.

Thanks to the cooperation and diligence  of all the nominees (who prepared the following write-ups for you!),

JETAA SG Election Committee 2012 is proud to present to you  the self-introductions of all our 8 nominees!

Beyond the different personalities, interests and aspirations these 8 nominees may have, one thing is common –

all have bravely come forward to run the board to serve our members (YOU!) and  JETAA SG!

Please support them through your votes!

(To view each write-up, please click the picture icon.)

Date: 3 March 2012, Saturday

Venue: Meeting Room of CLAIR, Singapore. 6 Battery Road #31 – 02 Singapore 049909

Time: 3-6pm (Programme will officially commence at 3.30pm)
See you on 3 March 2o12!
2012 JETAA SG Election Committee
(Koh Yun & Adrielle)

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