Passed Probation?

I’m sure most of you would be familiar with going through a certain period of probation when you start a new job. Some companies enforce a three months probation, while others may decide on six months or even a year.

It has been slightly past three months since the 2012-2013 Board took over the running of JETAA Singapore. Did this new Board pass your version of “probation”? It’s really up to you to decide. πŸ™‚ So you ask, “What has been done so far?”

Gotcha! You haven’t been following our Facebook account, have you? No worries, here is a snapshot of our recent events… just for you!

  • EOJ-JETAA Japanese Class – We continued facilitating the Japanese language class every last Thursday of the month. 練習しています!


  • Let’s Karaoke! (20 May 2012) – An informal singing session, just to get everyone warmed up.


  • Oshaberi-KITE (23 June 2012) – For the first time, Oshaberi-kai was held outdoors and coupled with a physical activity – Kite-flying. Hey it was no mean feat, you know!


  • Pre-departure Orientation (11 July 2012) – To prepare the 2012 JET participants for their stay in Japan, three members volunteered to provide practical advice on living and teaching in Japan.
  • Farewell Reception for 2012 JETs (1 Aug 2102) – We bade farewell to our juniors and wish them all the best in Japan!


  • Buddy System (11 July – 5 Aug) – Members volunteered to act as buddies to the 2012 JET participants, to dish out personal advice or lend a listening ear to ease pre-departure jitters.

It has been a busy yet fulfilling three-months. We are still in the process of learning new things, fine-tuning processes, trying out new ideas, incorporating your feedback into events and making it a point to knowing you a little better.

We appreciate your continued support. Looking forward to seeing more of you at our future events. Check our Facebook for updates! πŸ˜€


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