JETAA does Shinnenkai!

By Eugene Neubronner

Welcome to the year of 2014 and the Horse! Gong Xi Fa Cai to all!


A celebratory toast to start off!

To kick the new year off, JETAA Singapore had a Shinnenkai new year’s party on the 10th of January at Nanjya Monjya where we got on down for some good old fashioned Japanese okonomiyaki fair and drinks. In total we had 27 people for the event, including members from CLAIR, the Embassy of Japan, associate members and friends and family, all packed in to ring in the new year with us!


EoJ’s Makishi-san does the honours for our lucky draw.

It was a great time with beer and chatter all night long and we’re looking forward to our next meeting. Check out the gallery for some shots of the fun you might have missed!


Grand-prize winner Suzuki Tomomi-san from CLAIR!

Speaking of next meetings, JETAA Singapore’s AGM is coming up March 22nd and we’re looking for members to run for the board! If you’d like to help the JETAA Singapore community out do let us know.


See you!


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