Sorry for our long absence.

Our new board has taken over, but with such a swift flow of events (yes, we’ve had quite a number so far!), it’s hard to keep up.


Our new board members are:

  • Ms Yeo Yi Hua, President
  • Ms Nathalie Ng, Vice-President
  • Mr Heng Kai Le, Secretary
  • Mr Wong Hung Shane, Treasurer
  • Ms Yao Shuying, Events & Outreach Officer
  • Ms Faith Ong, Events & Outreach Officer

Ms Sheryna Yip and Ms Annette Lee have also graciously agreed to be stay with this board to help with our various events.

So far, we’ve had our amazing Ohanami on Lazarus Island in early May, attended by many JETAA members and members of the local Japanese community. You can find more photos on our Facebook page. I assure you the island is gorgeous.


We’ve also had a karaoke session in end-May at Cash Studios, where we belted out Japanese songs on their DAM system. (Unfortunately, we were too happy singing, and forgot all about the photos.)

We’ve also had the good fortune to meet some incoming JETs at our monthly Japanese class on every last Thursday of the month. During that class, our lovely teacher, Chie-sensei, taught us about famous omiyage from various prefectures all over Japan. Everyone had lots of fun discussing which are the omiyages that we were most likely to bring home.

In the past month of May and June, we’ve also been able to pair up the incoming JETs with seniors in our Buddy program, and we’ve come up with a list of exciting activities for the next few months. More details about these activities will be announced as soon as we can over on Facebook and our newsletter!


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