Participate in the 2016 JETAA Singapore Photo Contest!

In conjunction with the JET Programme 30th Anniversary Photo Contest, we are calling all photo-loving JETAA SG members to participate in the 2016 JETAA Singapore Photo Contest. Winning submissions will be printed and distributed in JETAA SG’s events as postcards.


1. The photo theme should be either of the following:

「給食」:Kyushoku, school lunches
「教室」: Kyoushitsu, classrooms
「国際交流」:Kokusaikoryū, international relations
「祭り」:Matsuri, Japanese festivals

2. Only submit photos that you’ve taken and have the right to share

3. Photographs featuring the faces of people are not acceptable.

4. All submitted photos must have been taken in Japan.

5. Each entrant may submit up to 2 photo entries for each theme.

6. Each image must be in JPEG format with a resolution of at least 1600×1200 pixels.

7. Each image should not be bigger than 10MB.

  • Entry method:

Send your photos to

Please indicate your:
– Full name (For winners, please note that your name will be published on the postcards)
– Your year and placement
– A title for each photo, where and when

This contest in eligible to all JETAA SG members.
Contest entry period: July 25 (Mon), 2016 ~ August 10 (Wed), 2016

General consent: By submitting your entry, you give JETAA SG permission to publish your photos and the information you provided on the Facebook page and other related social media channels. You also give JETAA SG permission to use your entry as a photo motif for the JETAA SG postcards.


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