Winners of the 2016 JETAA Singapore Photo Contest

Congratulations! These are the winners of the 2016 JETAA Singapore Photo Contest.

Category: 「給食」:Kyushoku, school lunches

Name: Felicia Lee Foong Lin
Placement: 2006 – 2008, Oirase-cho, Aomori

preparing lunch momoishi elementary school 2006
Photo taken at Momoishi Elementary School, September 2006

Category:「教室」 Kyoushitsu, classrooms

Name: Heng Kai Le
Placement: Kumamoto City 2011-2013

Photo taken at Akitsu Elementary School, May 2012

Category:「国際交流」Kokusaikoryū, international relations

Name: Wong Shi Lei
Placement:  2012-2014, Shizuoka

International Yukata – A gift to the world | Photo taken at Shizuoka Prefecture Shimizu Minami High School, June 2014

Category:「祭り」Matsuri, Japanese festivals

Name: Anna Wong
Placement: 2010 -2013


Nanao Gion Matsuri, Nanao City, Ishikawa, July 2015
Nanao Gion Matsuri | Photo taken at Ishikawa, July 2015

Thank you everyone who had participated in this contest! We received many amazing pictures, and it was a tough selection process. We hope you had as much fun taking a trip down memory lane as the selection committee had. Your photos reminded us of our own adventures in JET, and how fortunate we are to be given the opportunity to experience them.

The above winning entries will be our postcard pictures for our SJ50 Celebrations.

All winners will receive a JETAA SG goodie bag and a Meidi-ya voucher by post. We will reach out shortly via email for your contact details.


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