Who’s that JET? #4 Medha Lim

Our 4th featured JET alumni is Medha Lim, who was placed in Shizuoka. Some of you may already know her because of the heritage walks that she conducts. Medha has always been passionate about the little areas of Singapore that make us unique, and she’s been working very hard to bring her finds to others. You can check out her work on her Facebook page.


JETAA  SG: What are you doing now that you are back in SG?
Medha: I’ve been in the PR line ever since returning from Japan. 

JETAA SG: How did you come to start on the JalanMedha project?
Medha: Living in Japan and watching how people approach their every day life made me realise we don’t walk much in Singapore, and we don’t pay attention to our surroundings. JalanMedha took a year to conceptualise, but it was triggered by my love for walking, taking photographs, and love of Singapore.

JETAA SG: What was your key motivation, and how has that come by so far?
Medha: With every new development, we lose stories of yesterday’s Singapore. We lose memories of what made us who we are, and I didn’t want to forget. At every walk, I hope to share with my participants a little bit of what I’ve learnt, what I remember, and hopefully, they can share their memories too.

JETAA SG: How has your experience on the JET Programme helped you reach this decision?
Medha: If you can teach and engage a class of more than 20 students, you can conduct a walk and share information.

JETAA SG: Let’s blitz through some questions about Japan!

  1. What JET experience do you think is unique to Shizuoka?
    • Specialty oden, I guess?
  2. What insider’s secret can you share with someone who is about to visit Shizuoka for travel?
    • There is always a good reason to buy melon.
  3. What is your favourite Japanese word? (I know, I know, it is very typical Japanes-ey question, but please humour us)
    • It’s not a word, it’s a sound – “Ehhhhhhhhhh”.
  4. Where is your favourite place to travel to in Japan?
    • Nara and all her temples.
  5. What is the most memorable thing you have done in school?
    • Singing a duet with another teacher as part of the students’ graduation ceremony. Stage fright maximus.

Thank you Medha! Medha has also kindly shared some pictures of her heritage walk with us.


Each month, we will be speaking with a JET alumnus to know more about their JET experience and life post-JET. If you are interested to be interviewed, or if you would like to nominate someone, please let us know by dropping us a comment here, on our Facebook, or email us at publicrelationsjetaasingapore@gmail.com.


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